Links to Andrew’s Poems (Dear Children; The Sands) (Cyprus Aphrodite Revisited) (Archie Said Love Should Not Mean, but Be, Ihuatzio, Mexico, Self-Portrait) (The Hook) (That Juke Box Heart of Mine, A Poet’s Life, The Latest Yarn, The Great Pyramid) (In the Village, Sparrows in the Leafless Willows, Red Trees, Hawk on the Roadside, I Gathered, Harvest) (Elegy for Hart, in the Key of Crane, Papa-From-Chicago’s Home in Key West, The William Faulkner House, Mississippi Literary Aorta) (Sparrow in the Synagogue) (In the Museum) (Winter Love Scene) (Weekend Pass, Corrida) (no link to poem; just listed as contributor) (Champagne) (no link to poem; just listed as contributor) (Light and Dark, Champagne)!/20596814 (Three Songs of the Southwest) (A Cave, Absence in the Greek Isles, Dragonflies, Heidelberg Home, Home, Memory Screen, Moon-Images, On the Beach, Reflections on Monet’s Waterlilies, Sand, Shadows #2, Sticks, The Poet, The Poet’s Monkey Ears) (Horse, Pointillage)!/20595363 (The Sun) (The Great Wall of China, Africa Gets in the Blood) (Byblos and Between the Letters) (Homecoming) (Lourdes) (The Fox) (no link to poem; just lists as contributor)

Andrew Oerke’s Last Poems: Boyhood in Bayfield (PC Staff)