List of Andrew’s Published Poems

Bibliography – Poetry of Andrew H. Oerke, published in individual magazines, in print or online. Also lists poems accepted but not necessarily published yet.

“8 x 6 One-Room Schoolhouse.” Plainsongs (probably 30:2 (1/10))

“Absence in the Greek isles.” Children, Churches & Daddies

“Achilles to Thetis.” Edgz, 13 (Winter/Spring, 2007), p.60.

“Africa Gets in the Blood #1.” Left Curve, Apr. 2013.

“African Nights.” Main Street Rag, accepted 5/15; to be published in 2016.

“African Woman #2.” Soul Fountain, 35 (Fall 2008), p. 20.

“Alpha, Omega, and The Volcano.” Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine, 7
( 2006), p 136.

“Am I a Mole Digging Towards the Light or What?” Chaffin Journal, 2012.

“America.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“America #2.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“Ancestors.” Lone Stars.

“The Angel with the Translucent Face.” Abramelin, 11/11.

“Anniversary poem, for Harold and Jeanne.” Love’s Chance.

“Any Old Bad Zoo Blues.” Northern Stars.

“An Appeal To Hybrid Corn.” Good Foot, 6 (2005), p. 46.

“Archie Said Love Should Not Mean, But Be.” AGNI, 11/12.

“Balinese Dawn.” Armchair Aesthete.

“Band Concert, Princeton.” Abbey.

“The Barrage.” Portals.

“Bayfield.” Avocet, fall 2010

“Bayfield #3.” Languageandculturenet, Winter/Spring 2011.

“Bayfield #6.” Storyteller, July/Aug./Sept. 2012.

“Beach Evening.” Timber Creek Review, 14: 4 (Winter 2009), p. 37.

“Behind Enemy Lines.” Maelan.

“Beira.” Abramelin.

“Bells of Annapurna.” Wild Goose Poetry Review

“Bernini’s Angel.” Nomad’s Choir.

“Bethlehem Christmas.” Poet’s Pen, 9/1/12.

“Bird Watching.” Northern Stars.

“The Black Cat of Superstition.” Pegasus.

“Boarding-House Sestina.” Clark Street Review

“The Boatman Walks on Water.” Poetalk.

“A Bright Orange Plastic Chair in Rome.” Pegasus.

“Brooder Hen.” Tattoo Highway

“Butterflies on the Brain.” Avocet, spring 2011.

“Byblos and Between the Lines.” Tattoo Highway.

“Byzantine Mosaics.” Wild Violet (online)

“Cambodian Buddha.” Nomad’s Choir, 2014.

“The Cat and the Butterfly, Ming Dynasty.” Nomad’s Choir

“A Cave.” Children, Churches & Daddies, v. 247, 2014.

“Cave-Home.” Bear Deluxe, summer 2011

“Central Park and the City.” Art Times.

“Central Park and the Skyscrapers.” Avocet, winter 2011

“Champagne.” Ascent/Aspirations (Nov. 2008)

“Champagne Room.” Willow Review, Spring 2012.

“Chapel Perilous Experience.” Deronda Review, 2013.

“Chinese Garden.” Maelan.

“Chippewa Tracker.” Avocet, Summer, 2010

“A Choir in Wheelchairs at Lourdes.” In: Eyth, Melanie M. (Ed.) The Lives of
Artists. p. 59.

“Chrysalis.” Green Muse (online)

“City Park by Dark.” Willard & Maple, 2010.

“Civilized Evening.” Challenger International, 2013.

“A Climber in the Sky.” Poet’s Pen, Fall 2011.

“The Clock.” Poet’s Pen.

“Coatlicue, Mexico City.” Red Owl.

“Colors.” Write On! Nov. 2009.

“Coral Reef, Cebu, Philippines.” Mother Earth Journal, (USA Issue), 12:4, (2005)?,
p. 12.

“Corrida.” Ascent Aspirations, Oct. 2012.

“County Fair.” Aries, 2010.

“Cows, Cows, Cows.” Poetalk, (Summer/Fall, 2005), p. 6.

“Cyprus Aphrodite Revisited.” Innisfree Poetry, #18, Spring 2014.

“A Day at the Forum.”, 2010 Winter/Spring

“Day’s End.” Portals.

“Day’s End #2.” Nomad’s Choir, (accepted 1/13; to be published 2014)

“Dear Children.” 2River View, 17.4 (Summer 2013)

“Death of a Stranger.” Iconclast, 90 ( 2005), p. 85.

“Demolition.” Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, v. VII, p. 32.

“Diary of Death, Beirut, New Year’s 1984.” Negative Capability, 5:4 (Fall, 1985),
pp. 69-72.

“Dinosaur Cowboy Snapshot.” Lone Stars, 2005.

“The Divine Comedy.” Connecticut River Review, Aug./Sept. 2010.

“Dogsgod is No Longer Godsdog.” Voicings from the High Country.

“Dragonflies.” Children, Churches & Daddies, Dec. 2012.

“The Dunes Look Like a Curvy Naked Body.” Love’s Chance, Fall/Winter 2012.

“The Earth as a Me as a Meaning Thereof.” Timber Creek Review, 14:3 (Fall, 2008), p.

“Elegy for Hart in the Key of Crane.” Jerry Jazz Musician, 2011.

“The Elusive Hummingbird.” Cloudbank, June 2015.

“Epilogue and Prologue for Charlie Atlas.” Presumpscot, 2012?

“Epithalamion.” Love’s Chance, Fall/Winter 2012.

“Eye of God.” River Oak Review.

“The Fall of Idi Amin.” Soul Fountain, 35 (Fall, 2008), p. 20.

“Fatal Attraction.” Love’s Chance.

“Faulkner House.” Iconoclast.

“Fire Chant.” Plainsongs.

“Fire Island.” Tapestries.

“Fires in the Night and the Mother of All Oil Spills.” Exit 13 18, spring 2012.

“First Wordwall, last wordwall.” Same, Summer/Fall 2014.

“Flying Over Africa #2.” Wild Violet (online)

“The Fool of Flowers.” Clark Street Review.

“The Fountains of San Miguel de Allende.” Poet’s Pen, 3/11.

“The Fox.” Abramelin, 11/11.

“The Fugitives.” Timber Creek Review.

“Funebre.” Edgz, 17 (2009).

“Gardens.” Plainsongs, 34:3 (April 2014) (probably)

“Gauguin’s ‘White Horse’.” Saranac Review, Fall 2010.

“George Washington Bridge.” Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (last stanza
deleted), v. VII, p. 33.

“Gitchegumee.” Challenger International, 2013.

“Gitchegumee Chippewa Winter.” Timber Creek Review.

“Gliders & Mudpies.” Illogical Muse (online–2006)

“God.” In: Eyth, Melanie M. (Ed.) The Lives of Artists. p. 60.

“Gorilla in Glass.” Poet’s Pen.

“A Gothic Rocket.” Abramelin, 11/11.

“Grandma.” Portals.

“Grandpa Oerke’s Celebrated Sunday Sermon.” (online)

“The Great Abstractions.” Illogical Muse.

“The Great Pyramid.” Eye on Life, (online 7/13/11)

“The Great Pyramid Speaks.” Nomad’s Choir, (2011).

“The Great Wall of China.” Left Curve, Apr. 2013.

“Gregorian Chant, San Miguel de Allende.” SP Quill, 7 ( Summer, 2005), p. 25.

“Grief.” Love’s Chance, Fall/Winter 2011.

“Hangover.” Armchair Aesthete.

“‘Harbor and Mountains’ by Yi-In-Mun.” Over The Transom, 15 (2006), p. 2.
Puckerbrush Review, 24:2 (Winter/Spring,
(2006), p. 39.

“Hector’s Farewell.” Timber Creek Review.

“Heidelberg Home.” Down in the Dirt.

“He’s the Bomb’s-About-To-Go-Off-But-Never-Does Guy in Love.” Roanoke Review,

“Hideouts.” South Dakota Review, Spring 2010.

“The Hole That Became a Dam.” Reflections, (Issue 2003), p. 59.

“Holy Mackerel! You Are What You Eat…” Chaffin Journal, accepted 10/11.

“Home.” Down in the Dirt (online)

“Homecoming.” Sycamore Review, 17:1 (Winter/Spring, 2005), p. 32.

“The Hook.” Innisfree Poetry Journal, 15 (Fall, 2012).

“Horse.” (online)

“House of Earth.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“Hummingbird.” Poet’s Art, 2012.

“Hummingbird Migration.” Poet’s Pen, 9/1/12.

“I Gathered.” Timber Creek Review (probably Summer or Fall 2009)

“Idyll.” Adirondack Review.

“Ihuatzio, Mexico, Tarascan Sub-capitol” AGNI.

“Imaginary Bridge.” California Quarterly, 4/11.

“Impressionist Antelope.” Art Times.

“Impressionist Honeymoon Trip Round the World.” Presa, 13 (2010)

“In the Museum.” Eclectica, Spring 2010.

“In The Village.” Reflections, (Issue 2003), p. 59.

“Infinity House.” New Mexico Poetry Review, Fall 2010.

“Jacaranda, Flame Tree, & Oleander.” Poetalk, 2008.

“Jacob Redux.” Tule Review.

“Jeu de Paume, Les Peintres de Lumiere.” Aries, 2010.

“Jeu De Paume, Les Peintres De Lumiere #2.” Blackwidows Web of Poetry,
22 (May/August, 2006), p. 40.

“John Henry.” Illogical Muse (online)

“John the Baptist Walking.” Xavier Review.

“Juggler of Chartres.” Saranac Review, Fall 2010.

“Juggling at Chartres.” Connecticut Review, 2011.

“Keystone Cops at Shwedegon Pagoda.” Storyteller, 1-3/11.

“King John and King Jesus.” Skidrow Penthouse, #14 (2011)

“King of the Night #2.” The Aurorean, 2013.

“The Kiss of the Rubber-Lipped Elephant.” Asinine Poetry, 2011.

“Lamplight in the Leaves.” Love’s Chance.

“Language the Accomplice.” Write On!

“The Latest Yarn.” Eye on Life (online 7/13/11)

“Light Breaking Into Words.” The American Poetry Journal, 2:1 (Summer/Fall, 2005),
p. 29.

“Light Filtered Through the Grape Leaves.” Willow Review, 2013.

“Lioness Dining.” Poet’s Art, 2012.

“The Long Distance Runner Amid Dogwoods.” WestWard Quarterly.

“Look Into My Eyes and Listen to My Voice.” Poet’s Pen, 3/11.

“The Looming Presence of Your Absence.” In: Eyth, Melanie M. (Ed.) The Lives
of Artists. p. 59.

“Loony Tunes.” Plainsongs, [31(2) probably]

“The Love of Heaven Makes One Heavenly.” Avocet, spring 2011.

“The Lover.” Northern Stars.

“Making Love.” Love’s Chance.

“Mary of Chartres.” Tattoo Highway, 2011.

“Mayan Ruin.” Ascent Aspirations.

“Meanwhile Out Back Behind the Outhouse Blind.” Black Book Press (9/08), p. 2.

“Megalopolis.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“Memories.” Northern Stars.

“Memory Screen.” Children, Churches & Daddies, Jan. 2013.

“Memory’s Museum.” Blackwidows Web of Poetry.

“Metamorphosis.” Heeltap, 11 (Fall/Winter2006), p. 12.

“Metamorphosis (for Jasper Jeans)” Ceremony, 2009.

“Mississippi Literary Aorta.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“Monet at Giverney.”

“Monkey Temple.” Parnassus, 29:2 (Autumn, 2005), p. 24.

“Moon-Images.” Children, Churches & Daddies.

“The More Than Total Presence of Your Absence.” Ardent, Nov. 2011.

“Morning.” Plainsongs, 33:2 (1/13)

“Morning #2.” Pegasus.

“Morning, We are the Dream of the Sun.” Write On!

“Mouse Hunt.” Poet’s Pen.

“Mushrooms.” Abramelin, 11/11.

“My Sweet Lord.” Connecticut River Review, 2009, p. 85.

“Mythanthropy.” Poet’s Pen.

“Nairobi Game Park.” Timber Creek Review (probably Summer or Fall 2009)

“Narcissus in Love.” Lone Stars.

“Narcissus in Love: What the Figure in the Mirror Said.” Fickle Muses, 2011.

‘Nefertiti.” Poet’s Pen, Fall 2011.

“Nest in the Woods.” Iconoclast, 90 (2005), p. 84.


“Night Train to Kisumu.” Poetalk.

“The Nightfishers of Dakar.” River Oak Review (online—2:5 (winter 2008))

“Nile Crocodile.” Exit 13, 13 (2006), p. 40.

“Noche de los Muertos.” Ibbetson St. Press, Fall/Winter 2011.

“Nocturne.” Love’s Chance.

“Norther.” Ghoti (online)

“Notes for Breakfast.” Parnassus, 29:2, (Autumn, 2005), p. 33.

“Novitiate.” Poetalk, Summer 2011.

“Oerke Fjord.” Tapestries.

“Oil Spill.” Plainsongs, v. 32, no. 1 (10/2011) (probably)

“Old Fez.” Clark Street Review.

“Old Mill Disco on a Greek Island.” Poet’s Pen, 2010.

“The Old Mill Disco on a Greek Island, #2.” Wild Violet, 2015 (online).

“The Old Missionary Graveyard…” Portals.

“On the Beach.” Children, Churches & Daddies (online)
Big Toe Review (online)

“On The Wings of a Snow-White Dove.” Plainsongs, 26:1, ( Fall, 2005), p.37.

“Once Upon a Time.” Love’s Chance, Summer 2011

“The Original Lettermaker.” Poemeleon, 2010.

“The Other Side of the Wall.” Storyteller, 7/08.

“Our Dream.” Miller’s Pond, 9:1, (2006), p 8.

“Paddlewheeler to Sugarloaf Mountain.” Alaska Quarterly Review, 2013.

“Palindromes.” Ceremony, #20, 2014.

“Papa-from-Chicago’s House in Key West.” Jerry Jazz Musician, 2011.

“Passion.” Poet’s Pen, 9/1/12.

“Pastures Under The Sea.” Poetalk, (Winter/Spring, 2006), p. 1.

“Philosophy 101 Dock Party.” Moebius, 2012??

“Picture-Postcard Cathedral, San Miguel de Allende.” Exit 13, 13 (2006), p. 39.

“Places.” Still Crazy (online—1:1 (1/08))

“Poem for my Son.” Heeltap.

“The Poet as a Type of You-Know-Who.” Abramelin, 11/11.

“Poetry.” Poet’s Pen.

“Poetry #3.” Chaffin Journal, accepted 10/11.

“The Poet.” Children, Churches & Daddies, 2012.

“The Poet’s Donkey Ears.” Children, Churches & Daddies, 2010.

“A Poet’s Life.” Eye on Life (online 7/13/11)

“Pointillage.” (online)

“Quick Trip to Eden Garden #1.” Presa, Fall 2011.

“Rain is Tiny Bodies of Moisture Dancing Naked in the Streets.” Illogical Muse, Fall
2008 and online.

“Rain is Tiny Bodies of Moisture Dancing Naked in the Streets #2.” Barbaric Yawp,
Oct. 2010.

“The Reapers, Van Gogh.” New Mexico Poetry Review, Fall 2010.

“Reckoning of Bells.” Poet’s Art, 2012.

“Red”. In: Eyth, Melanie M. (Ed.) The Lives of Artists. p. 60.

“Redwing Blackbirds.” Avocet, Fall 2011.

“Reflections on Monet’s Waterlilies.” Children, Churches & Daddies, v. 246 (Nov./Dec.

“The Rood.” Timber Creek Review.

“Saint Francis.” Nomad’s Choir, Spring 2012.

“Sand.” Down in the Dirt (online)

“The Sands.” 2River View, 17.4 (Summer 2013)

“Sea Shanty.” Poet’s Pen.

“Self-Portrait.” AGNI (online)

“Shadows.” The Storyteller, Jan/Feb/March 2012.

“Shadows #2.” Children, Churches & Daddies, v. 247, 2014.

“Sight is Upside-Down at Birth Like a Camera’s Image.” California Quarterly, 38 (2012)

“Silence at Chartres.” Ceremony, #20, 2014.

‘Small Blue House, San Miguel de Allende.” (online)

“Small Incident at Les Baux.” Barnwood (online, 2007)

“Songs of the Southwest # 2”, The Briar Cliff Review, 18 (2006), p. 31.

“Southern Mansion,” Poet’s Ink (Nov. 2008) (online)

“Sparrow in the Synagogue.” Poetrybay (online)

“Spirit Fox at Red Cliff Reservation.” Write On!, Jan. 2011.

“Spirit Point Casino.” Green Muse (online)

“Spring!” Lilliput Review.

“Spring Day.” Chaffin Journal.

“Stars Over Cairo.” Poetalk, (Winter/Spring, 2008), p.5.

“The Stepping Stones of San Miguel de Allende.” Exit 13, Summer 2010.

“Sticks.” Down in the Dirt, Nov. 2011.

“Stir Crazy.” Storyteller, Jan./Feb./Mar. 2014.

“Street Band.” Plainsongs, 26:1 (Fall, 2005), p. 28.

“Street Scene.” Northern Stars.

“Sundown, Key West.” Ceremony, 20 (Spring 2014)

“Sunset.” Pegasus.

“Swan Dive.” Write On!

“Sweat Lodge Raven.” Cloudbank, 7 (Aug. 2013)

“Talk, Scribble & Soul.” Nomad’s Choir, 2016

“The Tang, the Vikings, and Mr. Wright.” Ascent Aspirations, Nov. 2010.

“The Tang, the Vikings, and Mr. Wright #2.” Ceremony, 17 (Fall 2012)

“TB Ward.” (online)

“Temple of the Dawn, Bangkok.” Illogical Muse (online–2006)

“Teotihuacan.” Epicenter, 9 (2005), p. 72.

“That Juke Box Heart of Mine.” Eye on Life (online 7/13/11)

“That See-no-touch Thing, the Rainbow, the Poem.” Nomad’s Choir, to be
published 2013.

“They Tried to Tell Us We’re Too Young.” Poet’s Art, 2012.

“Those Village Drums.” In: Eyth, Melanie M. (Ed.) The Lives of Artists. p.59.

“Time Takes it Easy in the Shade of a Grape Arbor.” Ceremony

“Times Square, New Year’s Eve.” Poet’s Pen, 3/11.

“The Totems of the Hotel Ivoire.” Write On! 6/12.

“Towers of Cordoba.” Pirene’s Fountain 10/10.

“Tree Huggers of the World Unite.” Innisfree Poetry Journal, 13 (Fall 2011).

“Tres Arcos, San Miguel de Allende.” Poet’s Pen.

“Tutankhamen’s Gold.” Saranac Review, Fall 2010.

“Under the Northwoods’ Rising Moon.” The Bear Deluxe.

“Under the Volcano, Bali.” Abbey, 121(Feb. 2010)

“Universes, Little Verses.” Iconoclast

“Upside-down Tree #2.”

“Ux-Mal Was Made From Maize #2.” Exit 13, Summer 2010.

“Uxmal.” Left Curve, Apr. 2013.

“Varanasi.” Cloudbank, June 2015.

“A Vast White Edict.” Challenger International, 2013.

“Village Waterhole.” Zillah, 5:4 (Winter, 2005), p. 12.

“Vincent van Gogh.” Nomad’s Choir.

“A Walk Into and Out Of Snow.” The American Poetry Journal, 2:1 (Summer/Fall,
2005), p. 31.

“Walking on Water.” Stepping Stones, 2011 (online).

“Walls.” Third Wednesday, 2012.

“Weekend Pass.” Ascent Aspirations, Oct. 2012.

“Western High Culture.” Fullosia Pr. 4/10. (online)

“What the Figure in the Mirror Said.” Green Muse (online)

“White Chickens.” In Our Own Words (for fall 2009)

“William Brann, Iconoclast.” Portals.

“The William Faulkner House.” Jerry Jazz Musician (online)

“Winter Landscape #2.” Emrys Journal, 23 (Spring, 2006), p. 79.

“Winter Love Scene.” Wild Violet, 2013.

“The Written Word Started in Africa.” Nomad’s Choir, 2011

“Yao Burial Pit.” Zillah, 5:4 (Winter, 2005), p. 13.

“Youth and Old Age.” Poet’s Art, 2012.